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The Blog for Penryn (UK) -based Kernow Youth Society for the Performing Arts. Our society is open to young people aged 9 upwards from the Falmouth and Penryn area. Our aim is to allow members to explore their interest in the performing arts through drama and film activities. KYSPA has a strong citizenship theme with activities aiming to promote self confidence, teamwork and communication skills.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

KYSPA & Follywood appears on Facebook

In an effort to maintain links with past members of KYSPA and it's predecessor the Falmouth School Film Club, I have set up a facebook page for KYSPA and Follywood.

The Facebook group provides an additional means of keeping everyone up to date - keep an eye on the news section.

Any past members of KYSPA, even if not thinking of rejoining when KYSPA gets going again, are most welcome to join the Facebook group.

To join, or take a look click HERE

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Open Film Auditions in Cornwall

Hi All,

Though KYSPA may be taking a break there is still plenty to do if you are missing film and drama activities!

Blue Ocean Pictures is looking for actors for Camburrow, a period drama about a cornish mining family. Not a KYSPA activity as such, KYSPA's members are still welcome to audition though you will need full parental consent and supervision throughout.

Discover more about the film on the Camburrow Website and follow the progress of the film on the Camburrow Blog.

Friday, 7 November 2008

CRASAC Film Shoot

Hi folks,

I know it has been a while since KYSPA has been able to meet. Its a bit disappointing that we've not quite managed to come through for Kim after all the hard work you have put in on rehearsing lines, not to mention Kim's hard work setting up the shoot etc.

If you want to remain involved in this project you will NEED TO CONTACT Kim directly by email. The address is:

Arranging to take part will need to be a matter between you, your parents and CRASAC itself as KYSPA cannot coordinate further activities due to insurance constraints.


Looks very uncertain and the organisation will be put on hold for the time being. I am open to suggestions as to how KYSPA could operate in a viable manner and any services or activities that we could provide so if you have ideas please do get in touch. However I cannot run and sustain an organisation where the membership cannot undertake fundraising performances. We also need a stable venue to meet.

I'm not done yet, but at present the society requires a full rethink and needs to effectively start again from scratch. I don't have the time to undertake that sort of commitment now I'm afraid but KYSPA is a project I will come back to when I can.

Thank you for the great experiences that have marked KYSPA's two years. Rich.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Canopus 279

I've been keeping myself busy as you can see below!

Positive comments welcome!


We will be needing Rhiannon, Carrie and Jen, plus Rachel. The shoot will start in Flushing (exact location to be confirmed) at 11am and should last for about 2 hours.

Please contact me by email or on my mobile asap to confirm you can attend.

Friday, 31 October 2008

New Film Blog!

I have started a new blog relating to a film project I am involved with through Blue Ocean Pictures. You will find a feed from the Camburrow Blog embedded in the left-hand margin. This links to the main page.

This Blog is in honour of the fact that I've been allowed to write some of the screenplay for this project - and I intend to keep a blog of the process from our first planning meeting this week until the film is finally given its first "screening" sometime next year.

If anyone fancies getting involved in Camburrow - which is not a KYSPA endorsed or run activity - please follow one of the links to the Camburrow websites OR the main Blue Ocean Pictures site for more information. Links are found in the left hand border.

Film Shoot Update!!!

Due to other commitments, the CRASAC Film Shoot has been postponed for 1 week to Saturday 8th November, 9am in Flushing. Venue to be confirmed.

Have a good Halloween one and all!