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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Fresh 6 Day 1

On November 10th 2006, ten members (and two staff) set off very early from Falmouth for Bristol. I won't go into much detail about the journey - let's just say they closed the M5 which held us up a bit! We eventually arrived in Bristol mid-morning and after some navigational issues found Easton Community Centre where we were due to spend the day film making. After discussions with the mentors from Firstborn Creatives, members decided to condense a famous film or films into 60 seconds. My group settled on Star Wars episodes 4-6 while the other group worked on Oliver Twist.

Oliver Twist proved hardest to fit into 60 seconds and even in it's final format overruns slightly, though it has some great comic moments and oscar-winning performances from FC mentors and event organiser Jeremy. Star Wars aimed to take short, key scenes and lines from the three films to provide a lightening fast tour of the trilogy. The M5 business meant we had less time than we'd have liked but both films "Ollie Twist" and "Star Warz" can be seen on You Tube.

Just to prove some planning actually went into our films, this is the Star Warz group carefully planning every small detail of the shoot... kind of.
From left, David (Luke & Lando) Flo (Leia & Emperor) Me (director/writer/producer etc.) & Polly (Obi Wan & Han Solo) Picture by Hannah (Yoda & Darth).
We like to think that the quality of planning is evident in the film, but we're probably just kidding ourselves.

This is the "Millenium Falcon" shot. To prove that it's not just Hollywood that does SFX, we achieved the "motion" of the Falcon by getting Hannah to move her hands around whilst filming.

Simple, yet effective! We condensed the entire first third of "The Empire Strikes Back" into a single line of dialogue.

Han: "I broke my ship! Let's go see Lando!"

Regrettably, no picture exists of Yoda, complete with leaf-ears but you can just make them out in the film (before Luke bumps his head).

This is the "Ollie Twist" group filming Nancy's death scene. This group received quite a bit of help from some of the young people from Bristol who were also making films on the day.
After filming was finished for the day, we all celebrated with a slap-up meal at KFC before heading off to Slimbridge YHA for the evening.
The loan of a laptop meant that both groups did some editing work on their films during the evening. The day's activities were enjoyed by everyone.
You can visit the mentors' website using the following link:

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