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Wednesday, 18 April 2007


This week's session had a distinctively "team orientated" flavour as we started to work through the preparation activity pack for the YoMo training weekend. Our members were divided into "Team A" and "Team B" (I thought of those names myself!) and given a couple of competitive challenges to complete. "Railway Sleepers" involved the teams lining up facing each other inside a narrow box. They then had to rearrange the line according to age/height/alphebetical order without stepping outside the box.

"Team A" got off to a rocky start on this one but redeemed themselves with a win or two in the latter stages. "Keep the Balloons Up" was a challenge which is exactly what it sounds like. The two teams had an area of the room (and a balloon each). They simply had to keep the balloons in the air and inside their area. Not too hard - until we added more balloons. The teams received a penalty point for each balloon to hit the ground or to go outside their area. Despite being in the lead for most of the activity, "Team A" had a run of bad luck in the closing minutes which meant they lost by just one point. Victory to "Team B"!

Aside from competing, all our members had the chance to sit down and think about what makes a good team member. Ideas included good listener, good speaker and a willingness to work with others. Team leaders need to be calm, supportive and confident with good people skills. A team functions well if good ideas are listened to (so all voices need to be heard) and it has a good leader.

Our members also evaluated their own listening and speaking skills on a sheet - and then heard their answers analysed by another group member. This activity was completed anonymously - to avoid embarrassment and also to try to make the analysis as honest as possible.

Overall, both Team A and Team B showed some positive qualities. Both teams contained members who could (and did) take on the leader role when needed. I saw examples of team members supporting and helping each other too, which is important.

The final activity was "Spider Web" which involved the entire group. Group members joined hands, criss crossing, to make a "web". They then had to untangle themselves without letting go of each other. From a team work point of view this activity seemed to bring out the best in our members - but it didn't stop them getting into a right old mess! (see below)

We got them untangled eventually!

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