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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

KYSPA's Extended Schools Workshop


KYSPA is delivering a film making course as part of this year's Extended Schools summer activities programme. This has provided some of our members with the opportunity to gain some experience towards their YoMo certificates by running some of the games and supporting the workshop participants with their film making activities.

As you can see, having been put through some tough team building exercises by YoMo, KYSPA's members are only too happy to see how other groups cope with the same challenges!

We played some games too, mainly to help learn everyone's name (which I'm still working on)

We've had rather a lot of people enroll on this course and although we've only two cameras, four groups worked on seperate films over the course of the day. In the picture below, a case of mistaken identity leads to a large crowd of Nelly Furtado fans gathering in the hope of an autograph - requiring a quick exit by the person mistaken for this populat artist!
As ever, stories of spying and bloodthirsty deeds seemed popular with our young film-makers this year. The films made today were short films of about 2 minutes or less. These provide an opportunity to learn the process of film making - and some of the problems that go with it - before tackling a larger project on Day 2.

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