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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Successful Auditions

Thank you to everyone who auditioned successfully last night. I will do some script editing this week to increase the size of some of your parts in line with the very high standard of acting displayed by everyone.

From here on in, KYSPA sessions will be split into two rehearsal segments of an hour each. We will rehearse scenes in chunks (eg. 7 children scenes, Snow & Dyllan Scenes, Mirror and Queenie etc.)

I need to stress again that just because you are not actually on stage at a given point during the session does not mean that you can misbehave. If not acting you need to be quietly reading through lines or, better still, watching your fellow performers and offering feedback.

KYSPA is about aquiring skills and confidence. A key aspect of this is learning to sit back and watch other performers. See from the audience's perspective what works and what does not. It's not just about acting; you have the opportunity to develop your directing and feedback skills. These in turn help you improve your own performance.

Sitting and watching others is not boring and it is not a waste of time. For one thing, there is always something to learn from watching other people act. everyone's style is different, each character interpretation offers something new.

Secondly, you can contribute to making this show as professional as possible. Panto may be fun, but good comedy is the most demanding type of drama, requiring good timing and intuitive interaction between characters. If you can perform good comedy, you can perform just about anything. This can only be achieved if we work together and pick up on good things (to keep in our performances) and identify things to put right.

I need everyone to pull together now. We have a strong cast. Don't let yourselves down by missing a great opportunity! I want my group back on track, with a clear focus on establishing ourselves as credible performers.

PS. PLEASE do not meddle with the Imac's settings! Our incredibly expensive PC is not a toy, but an editing tool. Respect it or you'll be staying home on Tuesday nights.

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Anonymous said...

To support Richard's attempts to stage this production, I would like to emphasise how important it is to watch the other members of the cast rehearsing their scenes, even if you are not in them, to help you better understand the play as a whole.

Messing around when you are not actually rehearsing is not helpful to anyone.