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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Summer 2008 "Heart" Music Video

In our second video from the first Summer School workshop, we re-work the original video concept slightly, keeping the vampire but simplifying the plot to a straightforward chase around an abandoned school.

A love-struck vampire lures his victim and her friend to the school where a game of hide and seek quickly becomes a race to escape! We considered a few different endings but went for the tragic one, though look out for a slight twist in the final few seconds (watch the victim closely)

This proved trickier to edit as we were a bit short of footage Timing the "bite" correctly was a bit of a nightmare but we got there in the end! I'm pleased with the final edit - the plot ties well with the lyrics and the footage manages to tell the story very well.

A big thank you to everyone involved either side of the camera. Hope you enjoy the result of your work!

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Anonymous said...

love the ending ;-)