The Blog for Penryn (UK) -based Kernow Youth Society for the Performing Arts. Our society is open to young people aged 9 upwards from the Falmouth and Penryn area. Our aim is to allow members to explore their interest in the performing arts through drama and film activities. KYSPA has a strong citizenship theme with activities aiming to promote self confidence, teamwork and communication skills.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Getting things done

Whilst KYSPA's internet command centre has been spitting sparks and blowing black smoke from the vents, our members have been moving ahead with many of the ideas on the Making Waves planning sheet. After the previously discussed "boring" planning session, we've been looking at how we might run activity workshops for other young people locally.

Our first opportunity will be at the "Party in the Park" event next month. This all day event provides ample opportunity for our members to apply their new-found skills and run activities for others. The last couple of weeks has been taken up with first planning a workshop (who runs which bit etc.) then trying it out on some willing volunteers to see if it works.

As a result, we've run a successful dance workshop AND shot two short films (James Blunt 007 and an as yet un-named horror spoof). A third group, also working on the 007 theme are now ready to shoot "Jane Blonde".

Part of the workshop activities include team games along the lines we learned at Lindridge. After rummaging around under the stairs I found my "games" book & we've been trying them out. These games are designed to improve communication, team work and drama skills. If they result in pictures of our members in daft positions, so much the better!

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