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Friday, 4 May 2007

Plans for the Future

As well as getting into a muddle and having a great time, there was a serious side to our residential weekend. The trainers from YoMo helped the group to create a twelve month plan for the "Making Waves" programme.

The first stage of this process was to think about all the resources in Penryn and Falmouth and then to consider what issues affect the area - particularly for young people.

After this, the group selected some specific goals and issues which the Making Waves programme would focus on. This in turn led to the group identifying a series of actions (over a twelve month period) which they would carry out to achieve those goals. This plan has returned with us to Penryn and we will begin to organise the first steps over the next couple of weeks.

The final challenge of the weekend was linked to this activity. The group planned and shot footage for a professional quality DVD aimed at promoting both KYSPA and the "Making Waves" programme. The lighthearted DVD will be used to raise awareness of what the group are trying to achieve over the course of the project and could be used in schools and to tap sources of funding. It is hoped that the DVD will be completed in the next few weeks.

Planning for the "issues" section of the DVD.

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