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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The Seven "Ps"

Last night's session was not perhaps one of the most inspiring ever, but it was REALLY IMPORTANT! Following on from the excellent planning we did on residential, the group completed the remainder of our "Twelve Month Plan". Group members have been given responsibility for project areas and we will see some rapid movement towards our goals in the next few weeks.

  • Publicity will step up a gear, raising awareness of the group and what we are doing. Our website should pop into existence fairly soon too.
  • We are planning to run workshops for local young people at both the Party in the Park event and over the summer holls. The latter will raise money to pay for another fun residential.
  • Whilst practising how to run workshops, we'll make a short film or two, just to keep our hand in.

And that's just this next month! in July sometime we'll have our second major "Making Waves" funded activity - film making with Firstborn Creatives for the film festivals.

The odd boring session is necessary to make all this stuff happen! It's the seven Ps.

Prior Preparation Prevents Poopy Poor Performance!
If we plan well, we'll achieve lots. Hold that thought folks!

PS. We'd like to extend an official blog welcome to the new member who joined the group last night. Hope the insane E-number fuelled antics of our weird and wacky membership didn't scare you off!

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