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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Plans for a show move ahead

Since we were unable to perform The Motormalgamation at the Penryn Town Fair, we have decided to incorporate it into a show for young families. In addition to The Motormalgamation, we will perform a version of The Lay of Thrym and a couple of other short drama and dance pieces.

We've started on the props for Motormalgamation and it seems that we can add painting to the artistic talents of our members!

For The Lay of Thrym, Thor's magic hammer needed creating & Sam volunteered for the job!

We're beyond just prop making though! The three MM narrators and "Carl" read through the script together in a first rehearsal.

This week, the first cast members for The Lay of Thrym read through an initial draft of the script. This will be reworked (the original dates from 1991 when I was still studying "A" Levels) and lengthened for next week.

From the left, "Loki", "Thor" and "Freja" with "Thrym" and his servant.

Unfortunately for Thrym, Freja is not the least bit interested in marriage!

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