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Monday, 10 September 2007

Tues 11th Sept

Tuesday 11th September 6.30pm

As you will be aware, KYSPA obtained a significant grant from the Cornwall Community Foundation this year. Another organisation which benefited from this charity was the Cornwall Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre. They received money to make an educational DVD for use in schools and education projects around the county on issues relating to young people, sexual abuse and rape.

This DVD will be produced by a professional media company who have won a tendering process to be awarded the contract. The DVD WILL NOT feature any kind of graphic scenes of abuse taking place. However, it will be fairly hard-hitting and aims to make young people aware of situations in which they may find themselves at increased risk – and thereby avoid those situations.

KYSPA’s members have the option of taking small acting parts in this DVD along with older actors from another Falmouth theatre company (Tir Na, I think).

Obviously, this is a very sensitive subject matter and so two members of CRASAC will be coming to our evening session on Tuesday 11th September to discuss the project, meet our young actors and their parents. They will outline the scenarios that actors are needed for and can answer any questions from parents our members and KYSPA’s own Trustees who will no doubt want to learn more about this project.

This project may not be suitable for all our members. Parents may feel uncomfortable with it, and this is also quite understandable. Our members themselves have expressed a desire to tackle important issues, and this is about as important as it gets. I do foresee some key advantages to our participation.

Our members will, themselves, gain a great deal of knowledge about how to keep themselves safe from partaking in this project.

Actors will be working in a semi-professional capacity with professional film makers.

Participating in this project may make a real difference to a key aspect of youth education in Cornwall.

I would urge parents to keep an open mind and to attend the Tuesday 11th meeting where we will all learn more about what is involved. CRASAC is a professional organisation working with vulnerable people. This project will be handled in an appropriate and sensitive way. KYSPA’s leaders will attend shoots with our actors, if the project goes ahead, for supervision.

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